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Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Program - APD


 Lucenxia offers Automated Peritoneal Dialysis -APD and manual Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis -CAPD. Both options are home-based therapy, with the difference being that CAPD is performed in the day, and APD, being automated, can be performed at night while the user is sleeping in the comfort of their homes


With Intellis, the user has total freedom in the day. For senior users, this modality frees up the day for recreational, social, and sports activities. It is particularly suitable for young and working users who require flexible treatment start times.


Intellis is an intelligent equipment designed to allow doctors and nurses to monitor treatment and outcomes regularly and to review prescriptions and therapies. Intellis has voice guidance in the user's language to assist users, correctly guiding and monitoring the treatment.



Lucenxia Travel


We understand that users of Intellis may wish to travel out of town, overnight. Lucenxia Travel can arrange equipment and supplies to the place of destination, relieving users from logistics inconveniences. Lucenxia Travel arrangements may be booked online via mobile Apps. 



Our Commitment


To ensure all users of Intellis have a better quality of life and clinical outcomes from customised treatment functions, flexible schedules, and all-round services to help reduce inconvenience and disruption to life.

"Easy-to-Use interface for home patient who is new to peritoneal dialysis."
"Remote Patient Monitoring System enables doctors to collect patient's dialysis data daily."
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