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Lucenxia (M) Sdn Bhd started its operation in Malaysia in 2011. It is part of an international group of dialysis service providers. Since then, the company has expanded to all states, including Sabah & Sarawak.


Our vision is to provide patients from all walks of life, in every part of the country, a good dialysis treatment option that minimizes disruptions and inconvenience to the patient’s life. Quality of Life is an important determining factor in all we do.


To achieve this, we introduced the Automated Peritoneal Dialysis equipment called the Intellis. The Intellis is designed to make home dialysis treatment simple, easy and allows treatment at almost any home in the country. As a night treatment, this option minimises any daytime disruptions to daily life, working or retirement.


Our team is trained to care for and assist dialysis patients in their treatment and to extend help whenever possible to their caregivers. We believe dialysis is not just a clinical treatment but a long-term care program that can help a patient lead a better life. We strategically locate our team of experienced patient-care nurses, clinicians and technical specialists to care for our patients and their needs 24 hours a day.


Driving this is the Innovation Team of clinicians and specialists working closely with our global teams to continuously research and develop new options that can enhance the quality of life for our patients.

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