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Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)


CAPD is a manual self-managed dialysis treatment is widely used globally. The treatment has proven to be effective and allows users more freedom in daily life than center-based treatments.


IN CAPD, patients carry out PD solution exchanges a few times daily with a simple short process. The frequency is prescribed by the doctor.


N-SURE is the CAPD program offered by Lucenxia. Our experienced training nurses will train users to carry our self-treatment effectively, including home training. 


N-Sure uses the Soft Flow peritoneal dialysis solution. SoftFlow is recognised and proven to be gentle and effective in outcomes. The production of Soft flow includes sensitive processes that impart a good balance for efficient dialysis. The special non-PVC packaging of Soft Flow eliminates many problems that come with PVC, typically used in the older designs of PD solutions.


With the N-Sure program, the users are assured of a 24-hour Nurse Line for any inquiry related to the treatment.

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