SOFT FLOW™ PD Solutions

The dialysis solution used in PD treatment is called dialysate (cleansing fluid), dialysis solution or PD solution. Dialysates are a mixture of dextrose (sugar), salt and other minerals that act as an osmotic agent to pull waste products from blood vessels in the abdominal lining. The dialysate is then drawn back out from the body and discarded. 

Depending on the patient, there are several concentrations of dialysates to suit each individual patient requirement.

SOFT FLOW™ PD solution is designed with a unique soft formulation that is gentle on the peritoneum. The formulation is achieved by ultra-sterilization techniques and acquiring the perfect balance of glucose degradation product (GDP) level to ensure better preservation of the peritoneum lining and a better residual renal function (RRF) outcome.

Key Features & Benefits: 

•    Polypropylene Solution Bag, non-PVC. No risk of plasticizer (DEHP) contamination of the solution and a reduced risk of hypertonicity in patients

•    Close monitoring of GDP concentration in each bag to achieve better residual renal function (RRF) for the patient and better preservation of the peritoneum

•    Fully automated bag filling process to ensure high sterility containment and eliminate the risk of contamination for each bag

"SOFT FLOW uses Polypropylene Solution Bag to reduce risk of Hypertonicity."
"Automated Bag Filling to ensure high sterility for each bag."