INTELLIS Lucenxia is an intelligent cycler designed for nocturnal Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) treatment at home.

















INTELLIS Lucenxia is extremely user friendly with many features which not only automates the therapy process, but also vocally and visually guide the patient through the procedures, in the language of the patient’s choice.

It monitors, records and analyzes essential patient data at every treatment, providing almost real time patient monitoring and make selected data and treatment information available to the attending nurse, the nephrologist, and caregivers – even from a remote location.

With INTELLIS Lucenxia, nephrologists will be able to provide better care for patients through better monitoring and prescription, at the same time increase the number of patients that can be monitored, whilst alleviating workload from the nurses and the nephrologists.

Features and Benefits

  • Voice and video guided
  • Large color touch screen interface
  • Multilingual (Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Tami, Thai & more)
  • Constant monitoring of status of treatment
  • Safety through QR coded tags on dialysate and color coded connectors
  • Better patient outcome through regimented approach, automated processes, regulated monitoring
  • Enhanced patient safety with a built-in override system against malfunctions
  • Automatic alert system on treatment errors and failures via constant intelligent multi-point self-monitoring and detection
  • Ease of use, programming of machine done automatically by Nephrologist’s prescription online – patient need not program manually
  • Round-the clock help centre and hotline can be accessed directly via one simple touch on the screen of INTELLIS Lucenxia
  • Comprehensive 24/7 support system from call centre, nursing care and technicians.